A Study of the Holocaust  Through Literature
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The Holocaust happened over 70 years ago, so what does it have to do with me?

Many of you have  read  or are reading Night by Elie Wiesel. Through this literary work you have  a glimpse of the impact of the Holocaust on the lives of those involved.

Like many teengagers at the start of World War II, you are just living your daily life going to school, socializing with your friends, and planning for the future. For Jewish teens in the 1940's, the war was far away and they did not expect it to have any major effect on their lives. They were very wrong!

This web quest will ask you to explore the story of Elie Weisel's life, the history of the Holocaust,  and analyze why it is so important for our society to never forget the Holocaust and the people involved.

Part 1  Biography of Elie Wiesel

You will begin your journey by retracing the story of Elie Weisel's  life.

Elie Wiesel (Jewish Virtual Museum)
Elie Wiesel Biography (1)
Elie Wiesel Biography (2)
Elie Wiesel: Nobel Speech
Interview with Elie Wiesel

Part  2   History of the Holocaust

Continue your journey by examining the people and events that played pivotal roles in the Holocaust.

Animated Map of the Holocaust
Holocaust Encyclopedia: Overview
Timeline of the Holocaust
History Place: Holocaust Timeline
The Ghettos
Personal Histories of the Ghettos  & Life in the Warsaw Ghetto

Part  3   The Concentration Camps

Elie Wiesel survived captivity in Auschwitz but millions of other Jews either died or had their lives altered forever by their experiences in the concentration camps.

The Final Solution
Holocaust Encyclopedia: Nazi camps
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Liberation of Auschwitz
Holocaust Map of Concentration and Death Camps
WWII Concentration Camps

Part  4   Perpetrators & Liberators of the Holocaust

Although Adolf Hitler is perceived as the  person who caused the  Holocaust, he was not the only perpetrator.


Background History on the Nazi Party
Rise of Adolf Hitler
Heimrich Himmler

Allied troops liberated prisoners of the concentration camps.  Read their descriptions and personal experiences of what they experienced.

Liberator's Testimonies

Part  5   Survivor's Stories

Night is Elie Wiesel's story of survival during his captivity in the German concentration camps.  Many other survivors have shared their stories and experiences to ensure that we never forget and allow a repetition of this dark point in human history. 

Holocaust: Personal Histories
Survivor Web Sites
Holocaust Survivors: Survivor's Stories
Abe's Story
Louisiana Holocaust Survivors

Part  6   Additional Resources

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Holocaust Cybrary
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Creating a Found Poem
Writing Portrait Poems

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